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Knock knock!
Knock knock.

...Who's there?

It's me, Carl from MO.  I have been away a while, but I found the new TOST3 address.
For those that don't remember, I am from Missouri and I use vintage Schick injectors and an old 1912 pattern SE.  ...  (And "other thingies").  I tend to like the vintage razors.  All of the razors I own are way more than 50 years old.
I haven't posted much, but I still enjoy shaving on a regular basis.  Looking forward to reading the threads here, and posting whenever I have something to say.
I looked over the member list and saw some familiar folks here, which is good.  So, Hello everybody, good health and good shaves to all. 

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Glad you found the new site.
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Hey. Welcome glad you found us again. It is pretty quite here. Lot of folks tied up with life things right now. Looking forward to the post!!
Don’t molest the Williams. Fuzzy don’t Uber!
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Glad you found us....I also love the vintage, and I'm partial to injectors....and lather catchers....and...well let's just say I'm a big fan of Single Edge.  Welcome back!
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Welcome @carlrommo.
[Image: zwelcome-TOST3.gif]
Jim - The Cackalacky Kid "Finally, shaving is fun again..." 
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Thanks guys. I got the new site bookmarked.
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