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Wilkinson Empire Gem mod
Ok people. I have had the good fortune of getting an Empire razor. It was given to me to see if I could get an Injector blade to work. Unfortunately the blade is not long enough to catch the blade stops. Well not to be defeated, I went to town on an SE blade. I think it just might work. 

I removed the spine and cut the height down to 11mm or 7/16” then put the spine back on. There is enough width to catch. This is an industrial blade as I tried this at work. I will try a good blade and see how it goes. Pretty straight forward mod. [Image: 8-FDB7-C28-C039-42-A3-8-F9-D-4-F58-A36668-BB.jpg]
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I believe Flintstone had to do a similar blade mod for one of his razors.
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A mod like that should work for the Burham Razor, but I don't have the right tools with me at the moment.
sɐǝɹpu∀ —
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It works for several razors. It is just getting the cope that distance.
Lost, If found do not return and do not feed.
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