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Pal Injectors - Jayaruh - 04-26-2020

I piffed my first Pal Injecto-Matic injector and then regretted it. Here is the replacement I got for it. I love the way this razor feels in hand and shaves.
[Image: IMG_7215.JPG]

I won this Made in Great Britain Pal Injecto-Matic
[Image: IMG_7191.JPG]

This was my Pal adjustable. I piffed it. I did not like the feel.
[Image: pal_adj14.JPG]

This is the Pal injector that replaced the adjustable. I like it better.
[Image: Personna-06.JPG]

RE: Pal Injectors - Tony'schin - 04-26-2020

I may well have to get my PAL out soon.

RE: Pal Injectors - Ordinaryshaver - 04-26-2020

They are good shavers! I just need some blades and I'll be all's et.