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Yaqi synthetics - not so satisfied... - Z-2 - 10-23-2020

Yesterday I've got mail call - a Yaqi Tuxedo synthetic 24mm brush. Since the brush is nice itself, today I decided to try it. I never used synthetic brushes till now and was curious, reading so many comments and reviews how great are they.

I've got good lather with hungarian barbon cream, can't complain about that, but still prefer my cheap pure badger brush. I simply can't understand the fuss about synthetics. 2 things I realized from shave :

1) the brush was too soft and sprayed lather all around when I create lather from cream (face lather)

2) the lather was good, but not that thick as from my badger (I use mostly cheap pure badger brushes like Shea moisture and VDH, lately Bevel). I much prefer also feeling of exfoliating on my skin from pure badgers.

What are your opinions about synthetics vs badgers? Thanks !

RE: Yaqi synthetics - not so satisfied... - Wchnu - 10-26-2020

I thought I was going to get on the synthetic band wagon. But I can’t. I have several and can use them. None do as good as my natural brushes.

RE: Yaqi synthetics - not so satisfied... - Z-2 - 10-27-2020

Me too, I am strictly pure badger fan Smile

RE: Yaqi synthetics - not so satisfied... - mlb 549 - 10-28-2020

I have several good synthetics, but I love good big boars the most, then horse, then badger, and lastly synthetics. I have several expensive badgers and they are lucky to get used 3 times a year.

RE: Yaqi synthetics - not so satisfied... - Flintstone - 11-02-2020

Badgers, Synthetics and Boars, oh my!!!  I'm not sure if the Wizard of Oz reference made it to everyone, but the net net for me is I just don't have a very discerning face....I've used everything but a horse (just haven't gotten around to one yet), and they all work perfectly fine for me.  I do prefer boars for hard-soaps (e.g., Williams and other pucks), synthetics for creams, and badgers for croaps (cream-soaps)....but there are no hard-and-fast rules.