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Knock knock! - CarlfromMO - 10-18-2020

Knock knock.

...Who's there?

It's me, Carl from MO.  I have been away a while, but I found the new TOST3 address.
For those that don't remember, I am from Missouri and I use vintage Schick injectors and an old 1912 pattern SE.  ...  (And "other thingies").  I tend to like the vintage razors.  All of the razors I own are way more than 50 years old.
I haven't posted much, but I still enjoy shaving on a regular basis.  Looking forward to reading the threads here, and posting whenever I have something to say.
I looked over the member list and saw some familiar folks here, which is good.  So, Hello everybody, good health and good shaves to all. 


RE: Knock knock! - GAW9576 - 10-18-2020

Glad you found the new site.

RE: Knock knock! - Wchnu - 10-18-2020

Hey. Welcome glad you found us again. It is pretty quite here. Lot of folks tied up with life things right now. Looking forward to the post!!

RE: Knock knock! - Flintstone - 10-19-2020

Glad you found us....I also love the vintage, and I'm partial to injectors....and lather catchers....and...well let's just say I'm a big fan of Single Edge.  Welcome back!

RE: Knock knock! - Jayaruh - 10-19-2020

Welcome @carlrommo.
[Image: zwelcome-TOST3.gif]

RE: Knock knock! - CarlfromMO - 10-20-2020

Thanks guys. I got the new site bookmarked.