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Baby girl update - kyle3rv - 10-01-2020

Hi guys posted a photo of my premature baby a while back thought I'd give a little update. Aside from some stomach issues and not sleeping well at night she is doing very well and getting big. Starting to use her hands and try to rip of glasses and pull hair.

I'll fix the photos later they got cutoff

Getting ready to be three months. Also might start posting some shaves again.

RE: Baby girl update - mayer57619 - 10-01-2020

Happy to hear things are progressing well. She is adorable!

RE: Baby girl update - GAW9576 - 10-01-2020

Congratulations. Is this your first?

RE: Baby girl update - Jayaruh - 10-01-2020

She's a beauty. There goes your heart. Congratulations.

RE: Baby girl update - kyle3rv - 10-01-2020

(10-01-2020, 01:32 PM)GAW9576 Wrote: Congratulations. Is this your first?


RE: Baby girl update - Tony'schin - 10-01-2020

Great to hear a bit of good news, what beautiful girl.
18-20yrs of being wrapped around her little finger.
Thanks for posting.

RE: Baby girl update - Wchnu - 10-04-2020

Beautiful little girl there!! So glad to hear things are coming along!!!

RE: Baby girl update - kyle3rv - 10-04-2020

Thanks guys

RE: Baby girl update - ShadowsDad - 10-04-2020

Glad to hear she's doing good!