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  SOTD August 2020
Posted by: Wchnu - 08-01-2020, 02:00 PM - Forum: SOTD - Replies (31)

Here we go for another month. I am going to keep this a monthly thread. In a bit I will moved the post out of last months thread that should be here.

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  Gillette Techmatic
Posted by: Jayaruh - 07-31-2020, 03:11 PM - Forum: Other SE brands. - Replies (5)

The Gillette Techmatic is from the 1960s. It sports a band blade that advances with the turn of a lever. It is also an adjustable razor. It was the first razor in space, I believe. It is also a fine shaver.

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Information Yaqi Katana: Single Edge Cobbled Slim (SCHaDE)
Posted by: ischiapp - 07-30-2020, 08:16 PM - Forum: Non vintage SE and SHaDE razors. - Replies (5)

This is the new Yaqi Katana.
[Image: Qf4FcgO.jpg]

I've seen at the Yaqi Shaving retailer in Australia.
It's the Slim version of the Single Edge Half DE blade (SHaDE) with the Cobbled geometry.
I really like the new head, as well the slender and classic handle.
It'll be available in four colors:
• White
• Space Chrome
• Black
• Black Metal
For me the chromed / silver one is a true beauty.
But I think It's not the kind of mild shaver I prefer.

Three good ideas, all in one:
- Cobbled
- Colonial Razors V2 original handle

Not my cup of tea, I love mild shavers.
But lot's of people will find a great tool.
And colors are very nice too.
For me, a winner.

Here the full story.

It's available the new Yaqi Single Edge head.
This is the slim version, with Cobbled geometry, of the half DE blade razor.
So I call it SCHaDE, of which I like the gunmetal.
Formerly on the Australian shop It's Katana.
And I've fed the monkey via Aliexpress.
For now, just a pic.
[Image: CxmR6It.jpg]

The fun begin ...
[Image: ijaRAud.jpg]
[Image: sny5zFj.jpg]

... and I've just started !!!
[Image: 4dfnkML.jpg]

The SCHaDE head is a pleasure.
Very light, 22g.
Ultra compact, only 8mm high.

Very slim and easy to handle, in any situation.
It is not a pussy.
It beats, and is not to be underestimated.
But It does it with grace and fairplay.

Simple and intuitive to control.
With the right technique ...

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Posted by: Flintstone - 07-26-2020, 04:36 PM - Forum: Shave Talk - Replies (3)

So SEptember (Single Edge September) will be coming up soon, but since every month is SEptember for many/most of us; I was thinking of doing a Schicktember.  I've got more than enough Schick's to make it interesting, but I also know that most Mondays I try to do a Micromatic Monday / GEMonday, so it wouldn't be a hard fast rule to use ONLY Schicks in September.  Basically, I'll probably be focusing on Schick shaves for as much of the month as possible.

If there's interest, I'll start a Schcktember 2020 thread -- perhaps in the Schick Injector Razor area; and folks can post their Schicktember shaves there....if no interest, no worries....I'll still shave most of the months with Schicks, because they are awesome!!!! Big Grin

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Posted by: Flintstone - 07-22-2020, 02:25 AM - Forum: GEM - Replies (24)

I know I'm not the only who has one of these -- actually more than one, as you can see -- and I definitely KNOW I'm far from the only one who absolutely loves the way these razors shave.  While some call them the Micromatic Open Comb (or MMOC), GEM just called them Micromatics, and that's how we typically refer to them here.  I recently had a Micromatic Monday shave with 2 Micromatics:  the 1930-1932 base plate version without the bumps, and the 1932-1941 base plate with bumps.
[Image: B51174AB-D6A7-4037-B1AF-3F0948904F26.jpg] [Image: D54A470E-EDAB-4049-858C-A3205A8F8CCD.jpg]
How about you?  Are you a Micromatic user -- what are your thoughts on this beauty?

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  Another note from Fuzzy.
Posted by: Wchnu - 07-20-2020, 09:38 AM - Forum: The Front Porch - Replies (1)

Alrighty then. Tost2 is now read only. Welcome to TOST3.

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  Vintage Wrench
Posted by: Flintstone - 07-20-2020, 12:12 AM - Forum: The Front Porch - Replies (5)

So before razors and shaving figured so prominently into my life, there was vintage tools.  Cutting tools, vises, wrenches, blow torches, specialized tools (e.g., firefighting equipment).    Much like the shaving stuff, I prefer to be a user-collector….and today's project gave me the inspiration for starting this thread since one of my vintage “monkey wrench” / adjustable wrenches was called into service.

I was assembling a propane fish fryer, and the instructions called for an adjustable wrench.  The picture in the instruction booklet showed the modern adjustable wrench with a wheel….something popularized by Crescent, and much like Channel Locks, Q-Tips and Xerox, has sort of become a de-facto name for any modern adjustable wrench.  My dad always sent me for a crescent wrench (either a large one or a small one), and I always knew what to bring back.  The problem is that my “crescent” wrench always seems to be misplaced….it’s on the smallish side and I always seem to discover it wherever I left it….eventually.   So without the modern crescent wrench, but having multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) vintage adjustable wrenches, I pulled out one of my smaller Bemis & Call Hardware & Tool adjustable wrenches.  Here’s a pic of it next to a Micromatic for size comparison.  
[Image: B0EF0B3F-1FD5-4BC6-82A4-2D1DFDEA7C61.jpg]

This “little” guy worked like a charm, despite being somewhere between 80 and 100+ years old.   When it comes to razors, tools and other well-made items (and people), age is truly just a number.  A few comments on this wrench.  So Stephen Bemis and Amos Call formed a partnership in the 1830’s and Bemis acquired the Merrick patent for the Monkey wrench.  They manufactured the wrenches in Springfield Mass until 1939.  In ‘39 they sold the operation to Connecticut based Billings & Spencer.   This wrench has “Springfield Mass” stamped on it, as well as Bemis & Call H & T Co (for Hardware & Tool Company).   The “Hardware & Tool Company” name change occurred in 1868.  Much like so many SE razors, it is VERY hard to nail down the details of these things, so you settle for knowing you have a well-made tool that is still incredibly useful and while many years old, will very likely keep going for many more years to come.

Here are some more pics.  If you’re wondering about the weird marks (dots punched on one side of the head, various letters stamped on the body and head), these appear to be done by various owners who didn’t want their prized tool to be “accidentally” claimed by a co-worker.  This little guy has some mushrooming on the bottom “lip”, but the adjustment screw turns and the head stays fairly level as it moves up and down.  For the record, I don’t tend to polish or shine my vintage tools.  I do not use bench grinders, wire wheels, sandpaper or anything else that would strip off the years of protective patina.  I will take off rust and clean moving parts to get them and/or keep them in good working order.

[Image: BCHT_Pic1.jpg]

[Image: B00D6673-4965-4A56-AB52-B48F91B051A2.jpg]  [Image: 867D78DE-B97A-4F98-8A77-ECAC2114B476.jpg] 

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  Stropping/Honig a Rolls blade.
Posted by: Tony'schin - 07-19-2020, 11:02 AM - Forum: Sharpening & Honing - No Replies

Hi all,
Has anyone come up with a way to make a stropping / honing handle to take a Rolls blade so I can strop the blade independently from the main carriage and on a stone or paddle.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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  Changing your Theme
Posted by: Flintstone - 07-16-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: Tips & Tricks - No Replies

To change your thread, follow these steps:

  1. Click this link:  Open My Control Panel

  2. Go to the bottom right of the screen where it says:  Other Options

  3. Find the "Board Style:" (last thing in the other options) and drop down lis to see your theme choices

  4. Select a theme choice from the drop down list and click the "Update Options" button at the very bottom of the page

  5. If the above doesn't work -- yell for help with a PM to a Mod or Admin

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  STAR razors - my unusual ones
Posted by: cpool222 - 07-15-2020, 09:08 PM - Forum: Other SE brands. - Replies (9)

First, I'll apologize for starting a new thread here when it relates quite a bit to my recent thread in the Catch of the Day area.  I felt I needed to do this since it relates as much to the variety of STAR razors as to my post about my Star #5 razor in Catch of the Day.  Confused yet??  I think I am   Blush  Secondly I'd like to propose that we have a separate area for STAR razors under the SE category in our table of contents like we do for GEM and ER - I certainly mean no disrespect for our wonderful mods who have created this website... I love it, and thank y'all very much... just feel that the STARs need a home of their own  Smile  

So... all that to say that I wanted you guys and gals to see what you think about what I consider to be my more unusual STAR razors and to see which one(s) you think go with the STAR #5 military type pouch that I showed in the Catch of the Day area. So, I'll deal with the first four here (all four of these don't have a top cap) and the next three in the following post.

The razor on the left is very well used, and if anyone has any ideas about cleaning/polishing one this well-used, please let me know... on the head it says "Use Only Star Cru Steel Blades", and on the next picture you see that the back of it says "Kampfe Bros. New York, USA, Pat. Applied for"(unfortunately no date) Sad .

The two razors in the center are identical.  They say "STAR Safety Razor Corp., Brooklyn, New York... on the back of them it says  "Patented March 24-14, Made in USA.

The razor on the right says "STAR Super Six, Kampfe Bros. NY USA, Pat. 4-14-14" and on the back it is completely blank.
Go down to the next post for the next three as I don't know how many pics I can put per post.
[Image: 5ON4AvC.jpg]
[Image: 6SD5kVl.jpg]
[Image: 2sdpTKY.jpg]

Now for the second group of my "unusual" STARs :
In the first picture, it appears that the two razors on the left are identical, which they are except for what is printed on the inside of the head as we'll see soon.  The one on the right(the true "lathercatcher") says " STAR SAFETY RAZOR, ASR Corp., NY USA, US Pat. Aug. 23, 1900, US & Eng. Nov. 5, 1901", and on top of the razor head just has the star insignia and the fold-down bar similar to the GEM razors that have the bar.
The two identical razors on the left... inside, you'll see that one says " STAR Super Six, Kampfe Bros. NY USA, Pat. 4-14-14", and the other says "STAR, Kampfe Bros., NY USA, Pat. 4-14-14".

NOW, please indulge me by looking at my thread about the STAR #5 pouch in the Catch of the Day area and see if you agree with my assessment that according to the old pictures that you folks helpfully provided in that thread, it looks like the two razors on the left in these pictures below are the ones that are shown in your pictures of the STAR No. 4 and STAR No. 5 .  These are obviously very similar to one of the razors in the post above with the four razors except it was made without the top cap.  
These razors are much less common than the 1912-types and I've heard it theorized that they may have been models that were produced for a short time between the lather-catchers and the ones we refer to as 1912s (although I think the 1912s weren't marketed until around 1919 from what I've heard".  

Anyway, sorry that these are so lengthy, but I've always found the STAR razors to be particularly interesting and I hope I haven't bored you terribly.  Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

[Image: lKd29TE.jpg]
[Image: SXKan15.jpg]
[Image: xR91y27.jpg]

[Image: 3Le3FGE.jpg]

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