Full Version: B&M 2020 Hallows
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So I'm not much of a fancy soap guy, but I've thoroughly enjoyed this particular one:  Barrister & Mann's Hallows (2020 version).  I think part of my enjoyment (aside from the excellent performance and scent) is that I spent the entire month of October with this soap.  I typically use a different soap every day...occasionally I use a soap a couple of times in a row, but even that is rare.  So I guess I'm *finally* starting to see the value of keeping a soap (or any kit, for that matter) constant for a significant amount of time. 

All that said, here's what I like about this particular soap:

* Consistency -- it's VERY soft....really more of a cream than a soap.  I typically scoop some out with an 1/8 of a teaspoon, spread it directly on a damp brush, and then apply to my face -- I'm not much of a bowl latherer, and this is how I get around using a bowl for soft soaps.  I should also note that this is their "Soft Heart" base, and it's also the first B&M soap I've tried.

* Performance -- not much to say here, the lather it produces is slick (always essential to me), and yogurty (if that's a word).  This month I was using OC razors, and that included a number of razors that some would consider aggressive; and this soap held up well -- no weepers, irritation or post-shave sensitivity (although those things are more technique driven, I find a good soap can help a bit in mitigating some problems).

* Post-shave -- I'm not a BIG post-shave guy....I like soaps even if they have a dry or tightening effect (I'll just splash on some of my fancy-pants Thayers Witch hazel -- tossed that in for Fuzzy  Tongue ).  But I will confess that it's nice when my face does feel more moisturized than not, especially as the cold weather comes; and this soap (which has lots of oils) definitely leaves my face feeling moisturized (or at least not dry).

* Scent -- Okay, this is the standout for me.  My fondest childhood memories were trick or treating in Massachusetts.  Falls in that part of the country have a nice crispness in the air, leaves crunching under your feet, and depending on where you are, a nice marshy (almost animalic scent combined with decaying woods).  So the first whiff of this soap just pushed me back and made me think of a slight death-funk (the kind you get with a *mostly* decayed animal lying in the woods), then that quickly goes away and the oakmoss, cedar, and vetiver come into play.  So I know I'm not exactly "selling" the scent, but I'm not trying to.  I don't think it's for everyone, but for me (and surprisingly to my wife), it's a winner.  There are very few scents that illicit a compliment from the lady of the house; and this was one of them.  While it reminds me of my childhood spent running around the Walden pond area, it reminds her of growing up on a farm in Louisiana and the scents of the surrounding woods.

I hesitated about posting about this one, it's a seasonal scent, and it's been "flying off the shelves", so it makes it difficult to get.  But I thought I'd let others know my experience, and you can make your own decision as to whether this soap maker (or this particular soap) is something of interest.  I'm guessing it will show up on the secondary market (i.e., BST's) in a few months.  I will confess that I can get a great shave with Williams, Tabac, MWF, and a whole-host of readily available soaps, sticks and creams; but I'm glad that I ultimately gave this one a try.

Here are a few pics from this month's shaves (and yes, before anyone says it, I know I need to feed my cat more often Big Grin ) :
[Image: 3C871752-744F-4A1C-8B2E-55F59F284014.jpg] [Image: FFA03F9D-1186-4836-852D-34DA828B8CDD.jpg]

[Image: 8A4273C8-1B4A-4464-820C-BE2D5F8B2EE2.jpg] [Image: A961-B1-FE-A7-FD-4714-B1-FE-7-B376-E3-E48-AA.jpg]