Full Version: On the hunt... for squirrels.
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Good morning from the woods. Going to try and hunt up a tree rat or three.
Good luck, and enjoy the morning.
Good luck.
Score one for the tree rats. Missed the first shot.
And the squirrels win!! To hot... to many leaves... I will be back again!
I hope you do better next time! I always enjoyed the time spent hunting upland game.
Have you gotten any of the bushytailed tree dwellers yet?
(11-09-2020, 02:24 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: [ -> ]Have you gotten any of the bushytailed tree dwellers yet?

Have not been back. We are short a supervisor. It was 2. I got one trained. Hoping to get out Monday morning
You are cursed with competence, my friend.  Being indispensable is an advantage, but I hate the thought of those critters just running around like that.  Hope you get time in the outdoors soon!
I do too. It has cooled off some here also. Maybe this weekend I can make time.
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